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 Please bookmark my backup site now. Don't forget to bookmark this site and check back often for updates as many sites close soon after.

New servers were added on <7:30 PM EST on 5-23-97>.  

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Update (7:30 PM EST on 5-23-97): 13 servers added and 6 servers removed today. I'm sorry that I have not updated the list recently but I have been very busy trying to change sites. Sorry for the switch and thanks for your patience. Please update your bookmarks and links on your pages. Please sign up for an automatic email when my pages are updated. Please sign up again for the new pages. A message will quickly be sent by a web bot. Thanks for everyone who gave me information about servers.

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Please send your comments, suggestions, and corrections on inaccurate information about servers to [Please do not mail me to tell me that a server says, "You have no permission to talk" This message means that the server is only down for your ISP (i.e., Although others with different ISP's might be able to use that server. Thanks for your cooperation.]:

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